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1. Recording with Camtasia Studio 4:

You can record only older games with Camtasia which are supported by ScummVM or which are able to run in a window mode. You can look at www.scummVM.org which games are supported by the emulator. The reason why can only record older games with Camtasia is, that Camtasia can oly record 15 frames per second and newer games have more frames per second, so if you try to record a newer game with Camtasia, you will have a stutter video, because some pictures are missing per second. I have mentioned window mode, because Camtasia somtimes has problems with full screen recording. So you can try every old game you want, but it could be that it won't work. What I definately can say, is that Camtasia works 100% recording ScummVM in windows mode. That's how I record my DOS games. You can look here at my Camtasia Tutorial, how the record a game in ScummVM.

2. Recording with Fraps:

You can use fraps for the recording of newer games. It is able to record 60 frames per second, but in most cases 30 frames per second would be enough. Fraps records automatically sound and video, but to be sure you should have a look at the configuratios. You can look here at my fraps tutorial, how to do it.

3. Recording with ZD Screen Recorder:

This is also a very good game capturing tool for current games you find in your game stores. You get a lot for the price. You can record a game the same way like fraps do. But this tool has the advantage to compress the video in time with the recording. So when you finished recording you have compress .avi output and do not have to compress it with DivX or Xvid another time. This sames a lot of time. I use this tool for recording newer games on Windows 7.

4. Encoding the video:

Now you should endoce your video with Camtasia Studio and the newest XVid Codec. The reason is, because of the huge avi file you mase during the recording. The Avi is uncompressed and now we gonna compress it. XVid has a really good compression with a good video quality. I prefer to use XVid and you also do, to have small file size with good quality. You can look here to see how do the endcoding.

5. Uploading the video:

When you have now a nice compressed video, your work is almost done, you can upload it now on an online filehoster. After that you can send me link by email. For that click on the Contact Button in Menu Bar.

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